Review of Helping Those Hurt

I joined Nav Press’ Blogger Review program last month and as part of getting a free book (two of my favorite words) to review I have to post the review on my blog, their site and one commerical site which for this book will be Here is my review of Barbara M. Roberts book Helping Those Who Hurt

Helping Those Who Hurt, written by pastoral counselor Barbara Roberts, is a very helpful guide to quality and Biblical care giving. It is a comprehensive guide for caring in a variety of settings from hospital visits to domestic violence. Roberts provides significant practical tips to pastoral caregivers in nine different areas of care giving as well as ways to identify and understand dynamics in each of those nine areas: illness and hospital visitation, crisis, aging, death, grief, trouble marriage and divorce, addiction, domestic violence, and rape.

Within each topic is a variety of lists describing issues to be aware of and ways of providing care appropriate to the situation. For example, in the chapter on domestic violence, Roberts offers a very helpful checklist to help pastoral caregivers determine if a couple is engaged in verbal abuse or lacks helpful conflict management skills. Such lists are helpful to pastoral caregivers as they make initial contacts and assessments of the situation and issues involved with a particular person or persons.

Of note, is a very helpful and significant concluding chapter on forgiveness as it relates to care giving and spiritual growth. This volume would be a welcome addition to a pastor’s library and for both informal and formal care giving training.


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