Friday Fictioneers: Le cas du voleur qui fait Hay!

While winter still rages in my part of Indiana, our picture prompt reminds me that summer, and then fall, will come. Oh yes, spring is in the mix as well! It is good once again to join Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and the wonderful group of Friday Fictioneers with more Flash Fiction of 100 or so words.

As I looked closely at the picture I saw French road signs and what appears to be a white Peugeot that is in hot pursuit of the speeding tractor in  “Le cas du voleur qui fait Hay!” or ‘The Case of the Thief Who Makes Hay!’

Enjoy and feedback welcomed!


thanks to and copyrighted by the same!

thanks to and copyrighted by the same!


Le cas du voleur qui fait Hay!


‘The Case of the Thief Who Makes Hay!’

by Jim Kane ©

It took Jean-Pierre Clement about ten minutes to realize that both he and his partner, Didier Toussaint, were in trouble. For not only was Toussaint trapped among large and weighty bales of hay on a flatbed trailer that was being driven by the local hay thief, he had failed to take his allergy medicine that morning and was miserably suffering as he radioed his partner as to location.

As Clement was silently catching up on the errant thief, the radio transmissions were growing faint.

« Accrochez-ce! Je viens! »

But it was too late. Disoriented, Toussaint dropped his radio through to the floor!

Hysterical sneezing followed…



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24 responses

  1. The hay fever sufferer in me feels his pain …
    Well told

    1. Thank you!
      We all suffer together in that regard.



  2. Well-written story and humorous. I agree about the stealing. Thieves will take anything that isn’t nailed down and some things that are.

    1. Unfortunately you are right. They do and they will.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!



  3. Hay thieves – whatever next?

    1. I have no idea! :)



      1. If it can be taken away, it can be stolen. I think that’s the answer.

  4. Dear Jim,

    I sympathize. Hay fever’s no fun. So much for undercover operations, eh? Good one.



    1. Hi Rochelle!
      Do have a great week!



  5. Poor Toussaint! I’m very allergic to such stuff myself, and I can commiserate with his pain :D

    1. I agree. I can too!
      Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Maybe Clement should have been the one hiding in the hay! I like the idea of a “high speed” chase involving a getaway tractor :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I have follow some of those tractors around my area of the country. High speed for sure… more high clearance height required!



  7. Great story, Jim. This would be a difficult job for someone with allergies. Just reading this makes me want to sneeze.

    1. Thanks Amy!
      They are!


  8. Haha, wonderful! It certainly isn’t Toussaint’s day. Hope the hay thief has got a tissue!

    I am counting down the days til Spring…I am ready for the warmer weather!

    1. Merci!

      I am waiting for spring as well.

      As for hay fever?

      It is waiting for me in the spring!

      Thanks Tiffany!



      1. soyez le bienvenu! :)

        Oh dear. I am certainly thankful I don’t get hay fever! Best of luck with it. You’re welcome!


  9. Nasty thing, hay fever. Well done.

    1. It is truly is. Waiting its arrival this spring!
      Thanks Sandra!



  10. oh dear!! Where’s that ventolin when needed :)

    1. Agreed! I can relate to the poor detective

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